Empower Active Ageing (EmpAct) is a project aiming to fill the gap in participation, social inclusion and education of adults over 50 years old through establishing an EU level network, namely One Stop Shop Portal, which will provide users with useful information, training content and tools, in order to help adults enhance their social skills, explore their occupational interests and find opportunities to start new enterprises.

Project Aims

  • Improve low-skilled adults through formal and informal learning
  • Validate skills and competencies by issuing certification of acquired skills, competencies and knowledge;
  • Reduce the number of low-skilled adults over 50 years old
  • Promote active citizenship through training on subject they request
  • Provide new work skills in order to increase competitiveness and employability
  • Educate, train and support adults to help support their experience and good ideas
  • Promote social cohesion
  • Promote entrepreneurship.

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